You may well have read stories in the press about T5 Slimming Pills being dangerous or even lethal and no one was more disturbed by this news that Epic Supplements. A 20 year old woman died near Oxfordshire after taking low quality or even fake slimming pills, which gave her a caffeine hit of the equivalent of 40 cups of coffee. Not only were the pills not of sufficient quality, but Ms Tripp consumed 20 tablets in one go – the recommended dose for a day is 2.

There are two things to learn from this tragic tale. The first is to only buy slimming pills from reputable vendors such as Epic Supplements, and made by such brands as Epic Nature, Forza or T5. The second is to always pay close attention to the dosage information on every bottle of tablets. One or two slimming pills is quite enough and these should be complemented by healthy food and an excellent fitness regime. 

The current Epic Supplements range is comprehensive to say the least and we have the ever popular Raspberry Ketone tablet in stock at the moment with African Mango. Taken responsibly and with the aforementioned health regimen – great and safe results will be enjoyed.